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The right way to upload videos to gallery


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Many times some of the uploaded videos into the gallery don't work returning incompatibility errors or lack of plugins to play.


The reason for these errors is because there are great variety of video formats and several encoding types for each format, for which browsers can't have all the software needed to play each of them.


If you browse youtube, all the videos will play without any errors, but If you are also familiar with uploading videos into youtube, you probably noticed that it is made in two phases.

  1. File upload
  2. File encoding


Turns out that Reallifecamfan site has media upload feature but doesn't have video encoding builtin process, making that the videos uploaded by members stay unchanged.


Given that this is not youtube or any monster adult video site, its not reasonable to mount a software infrastructure able to encode any video format that time to time is uploaded.


Therefore the best process to have working videos at the gallery is by getting members encoding them prior to upload.


Be sure to have VLC player.

Not going to make any explanation on this because you probably already have it.


The Output Format needed


We need it to be MP4 - H.264 in low resolution, forget about HD and full HD it will only suck broadband, delay the site and take an eternity to play.


How to encode videos


  1. If you already have an encoding software that encodes in MP4 - H.264 low resolution then you must be fine, but please double check for errors after upload into the gallery.
  2. Download from the link the "SuperSimple Video Converter" program. http://gromada.com/video_converter/.
  3. Install the program on your PC. This program is Free, small and lightweighted, I have it installed on my PC since a few months back. No viruses, no adware, no bullshit, but remember don't look to download it elsewhere but the site of the authors.
  4. Provided that you have a video to convert, run the program "SuperSimple Video Converter" and click "Open" button. Browse to your video file and click open.
  5. You should have now your video visible in the list. Select it by clicking on its row and press "Convert" button.
  6. A new window pops up with "Output format" selection and "Destination folder". You may skip the first option and take note where the converted file will be created to return there later.
  7. Press "Start Conversion" button and there you go.


Your original video file stays unchanged and the program generates at destination folder a new video file in the required format.


Explore the software


There are several encoding options, usefull for other purposes than only RLCF site, you also have a tutorials button that I strongly advice you to press and watch the videos, maybe you'll come up with new media aproaches for the gallery.


Remember, when selecting the output video format make it H264 in a low resolution

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