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What is Pauls Occupation?

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Today Paul take Leora from behind and grab her tits, she just put his hands on her hips like saying "if you want to touch, touch, but I don't want it"

The guy is very upset, but they dont talk or at least Paul does not know how to recover her


I dont undertand what is the problem


At the end he take her in his arms  and they talkm if somebody could understand would be great

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Now we know what it would be like to be hearing impaired or profoundly deaf. 


Without understanding what's being said between them, never mind the obvious cultural differences between them and many of the western types on this forum, it's very difficult for us to guess what's going on half the time. Even the body language might be different where they live compared to how it is in the west.


It's also the man deep down wanting to control the woman and the woman making sure that she's always the one in control and not letting him ever take charge. Hence her teasing and contrary behaviour around him.


One minute affectionate, the next stand-offish. One minute provocative, the next matter-of-fact. 


It's like one big game and for us it's even more complicated than it is for either of them.


Being a couple together for a long time they can probably read one another like a book and know one another's next move.


It's like a joust, feinting and probing, alternately.


We can only watch in wonder and puzzlement most of the time.

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Going out more, perhaps, but maybe that's because she was stuck at home a lot at one stage and hardly left the house.


But when we can't see her in either room or the bedroom, bathroom etc, it looks like she's probably escaping the cameras, just off to the left of shot, in both rooms, as you'll see an occasional foot or dangling leg and he's also wandering out of camera range a lot in the living room which is probably because he's talking to her or even doing things with her that he doesn't want us to see.


The under the covers thing in the bedroom, so often now, suggests that she's the only one who is likely to do much in front of the cameras and only then when he's not around.


She also seems to have something happening outside now, to judge by the different incidents over the last week, but since she's not showering any more often than usual, if anything somewhat less, it's unlikely to be another man, since she's always been so hygiene conscious. 


Just a few thoughts. 

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considering that we don't know if they are actually married, and we don't know who the apartment actually is controlled by(owns), she should be out seeing other guys if needed.  this guy is a slug somewhat worse than lev.  one lays in his underwear and his pad with a minx within arms reach, the other picks his nose and sits in front of his computer with a minx within arms reach.  lately paul has been trying to get a little closer but this may be too little too late.  hopefully she is not thinking of leaving the apartment . . .

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