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Appears like Carla left Mario this morning

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Yesterday evening they had great sex in the living room.

Today they separated...


They shouted at each other this morning for more than one hour.

The situation escalated and I thought, it will result in violence.

One time he took her and did throw her on the bed.

A hundret times she cried: don't toch me, let me alone (spanish)

I was expecting, he would beat her, but fortunately he only hit the wall in the restroom several times.


After an hour HE began to cry.

She had packed all her belongings in 4-5 bags.

At the end she took the cat in her bag and left...


I don't understand, what he is doing now.

He was just masterbating on the toilet to take selfies with his hard "piece" in the mirror...


Attached a screenshot, the moment when she left him...


Too bad...



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 The last time they had a similar situation her belongings were piled on the bed for a week but she returned the next day. I hope that is the scenario this time. I hate to inflict gossip since I'm probably less informed than everyone else but noticed that since the white kitty moved in, Carla has paid a lot less attention to her mate, Mario. Perhaps she left because she was given the old "It is time you choose between us" routine  "It's me or the kitten"!

I will miss Carla and the kitty...

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What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday I watched domestic bliss, Mario cooking a meal,giving tastes of food to Carla whilst he finished cooking the steaks.
Carla was skipping around the apartment encouraging the kitten to chase her,laughing whilst wearing a skirt & no pants.

Glorious !

Today Carla has gone,Mario has cleaned the apartment and shown a message to the camera. (thanks to hexagon for pics)

Then their apartment goes 'under maintenance'.
It's a shame I really liked C & M & I hope they come back.Carla is an incredibly sexy woman & I for one will miss her.

I doubt we will ever really know what happened to cause this split but I hope they are both ok, & I wish them well.

C & M, when it was good, it was very very good!

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