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Did Demid Kill the Cat

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Yesterday morning, their time, after coming home from the party at Nelly's, D&D went to bed. Then, Demid sprang out of bed and chased down the cat. The cat tried to run but was cornered. It crouched and hissed. He grabbed it by the scuff of the neck and tried to stuff it into the book case. When that didn't work he opened the balcony door and threw it outside. 


Dasha got out bed, went out onto the balcony and came back in without the cat. Then, she put on a hoodie like she was going to go outside, but instead got back into bed. Demid proceeded to collect cleaning supplies and clean up what apparently made him mad in the first place.


Their apartment seems pretty high up. If that cat went off the edge, I couldn't have ended well.


Looking around the apartment 12 hours latter....no cat to be found.

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