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Carla and Mario Split

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As some of you have probably seen on the threesome thread.. it looks like C & M have split... it seems she has a new boy...what concerns me is I after Carla packed and left I have not seen either of them in the apartment... but the cat was still there yesterday... can someone with membership check if A, anyone is in the apartment and B, if not, see if the cat still there... because if so the poor little thing is probably starving to death.

Update,, the cat is still there!!!

Please check if C or M are there.



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That is the funny thing that happens when you bring a guy around a known freak with no clothes on. It was kind of disrepectfully to her for him to bring dude there and then sit on the opposite side of her and him. She had to know that he was trying to set her up to get f@#$ by the other guy, so she did so and left his ass on the cam.

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