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Girl Apartment

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Well after last night 3hrs fiasco the debate a still rages scripted or not. The massage had the shout box lit up like a Christmas tree, everybody asking are they going to do it and like sheep led to slaughter we watch and waited those of us with better halves quickly checked to see their whereabouts Some grabbed their cum sock and others their favorite lube we sat back and patiently awaited the show Ah yes a kiss  nipple play a slight rub between the legs And after 2hrs of this it became apparent that we've been had yet once again  Why them dirty motherf--kers get back in there and lick some puddy we shouted but to no avail it was over So for 3hrs we may have got 30min of go action then nothing. Was it scripted hell I don't know sure as hell seem like it,But even if it was it not the girls fault blame it on the lame ass scriptwriters so to them I dedicate this song                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf-bY0nOTvE

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Webmail, I did and like so many, have been left with a feeling of an incompleted event.  With Ilona back, it just may stay that way...incompleted.  Unless of course that during her few days away from the apartment she became less inhibited.  Yeah right, I make a funny..... :rolleyes:

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