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First couple sex you watch?


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Hi people, good day for everyone!


I bring an interesting and simple question, you can see in the title.


Many of you have much time here, others not, but we've all had a chance to see something of good sex for first time.


I'll start with me. In my case the first couple in an intimate act I saw was Carla & Mario in a simple handjob, but then they left the living room and I can't see more, lol.


And now, first couple I watched having sex was M&S guests, the Rastaman and his girl, monday night, if I remember correctly. Only one position but I think she enjoyed it.


Now is your turn! Did you like the first couple you see?




PD: Sorry for my bad english, I am learning to write.



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I couldn't believe it when I joined because there was Veronica and Lucas, Dash and Denis and Alina and Antony all at it at exactly the same time  I kept my subs for a while but it was never as good as that first day  I like to see guests because some are stunning and it makes a pleasant change

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RLC used to pop up on my screen and I used to close it all the time without looking.

The first time I actually stayed was when the actual guests in Nelly and Bogdan's apartment had some fun on the couch. Quite fast but fun for a start.


 Yes, they are very active. I've already seen three times, lol.



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