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So Long And Goodnight

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Well guys and girls it's been a fun ride til now. Do you guys remember t.v. before cable when in some places you only had 6 or7 channels? And try as you might sometimes there was just nothing on. RLC has become that  6 or 7 channels with nothing on. Back then we complain to mom and her answer would be "well then carry your ass outside and play " something a lot of moms need to say now, But that's a different topic. RLC as slowed so bad that it's got it's paying members up in arm saying wtf. You see it in the shout and in the forum topics everyone is pissed off. They are threatened with cancellations to no avail. RLC can't seem to figure out how to get cable or how to spice up their channels. So instead of me crying about it in the shout or forum I decided to do as mama said and go outside and play Now RLC has one less watcher just think of what would happen if a lot of you came out to play too As my dad would say "sometimes your up sometimes down just try to stay in the middle and you will be happy"  So Long And Goodnight  see ya when things get better All aboard king shaka airways destinations outside



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