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the tenants are talking to us and we are talking back


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who thinks there are any tenants that have singed up to this site ...rlcf  who talk to every body ..


on the shout box and questions about them selves and other tenants to find out what we all think


of them that would explain why they are always on there phones tabelets and laptops they are talking


to us theres got to be at least one and we would never know just a thought

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You would think they would or at least check out the R.L.C website to see what's happening in other apartments, it would be too tempting not to wouldn't it?Unless they are banned under the R.L.C t&cs, anyone ever seen a laptop in an apt on the R.L.C website?

I can't believe that Ilona does all that typing and isn't in a chat room somewhere, unless she's just on with friends back home. Leora also does a lot of scrolling through stuff although you never get to see what it is.

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Masha and Sasha had a guest one of Sasha's friends over when the asian girl was there and everyone was speaking in english about this site, the guy told them to look it up on his I-phone and he should him how.  Sasha is up late in bed watching his cell phone everynight. 8)

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Just me saying and I can accept being wrong with this but it seems to me that many of the guest members are mining for info that could be trouble for this forum..ie; how to get RLC for free, where are the pics and vids(gallery access)?, and anything that might piss off RLC copyright cops. I hope that apartment tenants ARE looking in on us as it can only improve the performances and maybe the tenant choices as well..But i maintain that we get a damn good show for free and it only gets better with RLC subscription and of course RLCF sub as well..Cheers

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