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Messiest apartment v cleanest apartment


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Definitely messiest would be C&S... Nelly and Bogdan as well as Leora and Paul keep a fairly clean house.. L&P's guest room kind of takes away from the cleanliness though.  Carla and Mario tend to be really neat at the end of the day.  Just really the coffee table that's lacking.

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Definitely Carina & Sabrina, pretty much every room that you can view is a mess, when did they last wash up? Is there anything left in the cupboards to drink out of or eat off, it all seems to be in the sink.


I think Nina & Kira may run C&S a close second, that area behind the kitchen is really untidy, the bathroom is a mess and so is their bedroom with stuff on top of the chest of drawers and on the floor, but they are hardly ever there to tidy it up. It does slightly annoy that a lot of them don't even make the bed in the morning, how hard is it to straighten the duvet up?


Suzan and Hector aren't the tidiest either, especially the bedroom and guestroom at the moment.


Leora and Paul are fairly tidy apart from that sofa but I suppose the need to cover it with the dog running everywhere, they don't make the bed that often either, mind you they do keep strange hours and Paul is usually in it.


Now that they are guest free M&S could put the sofa bed away and just use it as a sofa.


Chloe & Josh are fairly tidy, I thought they'd left last week as the place was spotless, but it turned out they were away, bet they cupboard where they spend most of their time is a real mess though.


Think it's time for all the trees to go away now, I though they took them down at the end of January in Russia.

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