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Will someone please show me where RLC advertisement for the girl apt or any apt I would like to read where  it says three girl in an apt there for your pleasure they will stay home and walk around nude for you they will lick each other pussies and masturbate everyday for you Please someone show me this I can't seem to find it anywhere What I can find is this  RealLifeCam The private lifes of other people 24/7  And to me that's exactly what we are getting 4 young ladies Danaya, Ilona, Kamila and Kristy doing what young ladies do they go out and stay out all night come home and sometime sleep or shower and leave again this is what young ladies their age do they do not sit around and lick each other out all day they do not masturbate all day everyday like Leora check this if Leora had a man banging her gut out three times a week and a man secure in his manhood that she can go out when ever she wants how often do you think you would see Leora at home   The K&K apt  RLC never said they were a couple people just assume they were because RLC put them in an apt together but they were not a couple when they left so why should they be now just to young ladies who like each other and if it gets sexual bonus viewer So basically you are getting what's advertise The real lives of people 24/7 it is what it is is it fare to the paying member I don't know but I will say this before you buy a car you test drive it first    okay line up and shoot me down

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Whoa that's a lot of text and no punctuation man.


I think you should ignore people who write stuff which irritates you. On the one hand, nobody expects action 24/7. On the other, people expect at least a little entertainment. People have different expectations from the site, those who don't get what they want will eventually leave.


In my opinion, I think RLC have made a lot of bad decisions regarding the girls apt in particular, but I realise that ranting about it won't help, so I choose to either enjoy what's available on any given day, or go somewhere else. Of course I have the occasional moan, but if nobody expressed any opinions at all what's the point of even having a forum?


Recommend using the ignore feature, makes the shoutbox a lot more pleasant if there are some people who continually piss you off. Peace.

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Shaka, deep breath, hold, then exhale!


Hell I agree with you, I honestly have no idea what some of the people here expect from not just the girls apartments but from all the apartments.  If they stay at home all day they are accused of not having a life and heaven forbid if someone uses an electronic device to pass the time.  No one ever uses a computer, a tablet or a phone in real life - well except those members who are watching 23 hours a day lol  And yet, if the tenants try to have a normal life, and actually go out, they are roasted here for, wait for it, having a life!  What is worse is when something does happen.  Does the RLCF fraternity appreciate it, fuck no, suddenly there are calls that it was all fake, it was scripted, it is all a con job. 


I do agree with Benfold as well, RLC have made some bad decisions in selecting tenants, but I personally don't think it would be an easy thing to do in selecting the right people.  Someone who swears on a bible stating they are going to be the life of the party can quickly turn into a ghost in the apartments.  Some may find the mere thought of always being watched very daunting and very off-putting.  Luckily RLC do have some naturals like Leora and Paul, Adriana and Daniel and Nelly and Bogdan who seem to thrive in the environment, which is very fortunate for us.


Just do what I do, I make fun of the idiots here.  Yes it will probably get me banned, big deal, but if I can make these RLCF members start to realise how stupid they sound it might just improve this site.

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