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Carina Sabrina And New House Guest

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I see that Sabrina and Carina "ELIVES" has a new house guess, I wonder if she is taking Blue's place, I have all so notice that Sabrina has taken sort of a vancie for her, and Elvis "Carina" would normally get mad but seems to let Sabrina have her way a bit, eariler Sabrina kept pulling on her "the guest" hair.  I am hoping this new girl if thats who she is "make a big change" for this apartment, Sabrina and Carina needs a big charge in the house right about now. Also the new girl doesn't look bad at all.  I am going to hope for the best for Sabrina maybe it well cut down some of the disagreements with her and Elives. 8)

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It's still a bit nervous about the cameras, but I think as take a first swim ... I think this woman can be very hot, and the touching that tube last nnoche with Sabrina, I think juede give enough game .

Of course, always within limits, since Ms Elvis, you will be there to say enough.

I certainly hope that this girl, we plenty of material to enjoy.

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Was hoping big time that when the apartment went "under maintenance" that we would see the tenant listing as Carina, Sabrina and NEW GIRLS NAME - new.  Didn't happen but will still hold out that at least Sabrina will get REAL friendly with her.  Love to see those two get naked and mess around and especially when Elvis is away. He/she can join another day, if then!  Sabrina needs a playmate..yes ?

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She seems to be in the clouds, in the vap, all day.


She is not a nervous girl ...


I have the guitar that itch, then I scratched a little. (I missed 1/2 second the perfect capture.)

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