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Feud & Loathing in the Shoutbox


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I have noticed an emerging trend in the last week or so, and I want to raise it.
The Shoutbox seems to be becoming the Personal Attack Box,and it has to stop now !
It can not be healthy for any forum to descend into nastiness which is what is happening with certain members.

Bitchy comments made about members behind their backs in the Shoutbox.

Have we really sunk to this level?
I'm not going to name & shame because I don't want to get drawn into their petty squables,

but enough is enough!

Agree to Disagree, and if that doesn't work take it to PM and get it resolved there,don't drag the rest of the Shoutbox or the forum's members down with your issue!
If you can't be civil about it, either don't say anything,sit on your hands,take a break for a minute or log out & give it a rest for a while.
For god sake there are far more important things to get wound up about.

Watch the News sometime you will see what I mean!

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Completely agree with Plank.


This is the main reason why sometimes I watch and read without logging in, and depending on how the chat is going and who is on, then I may or may not log in.

I have witnessed some ugly stuff going on as you mentioned.

When I first started logging in, conversations were pretty much fun and friendly even with difference of opinions, but there is definitely a recent trend of feuding and ganging up on others with different opinions.


Bottom line for me is that RLC and their tenants don't pay my bills, so whether they perform or not is irrelevant to me, I take what I can and I'm fine with it, when I see the value for me, THAN I will pay to watch RLC with no expectations (after all it is suppose to be real life) and any apartments I don't care for I don't watch or pay much attention to.


RLCF for me is about coming in, chatting with others from all over the world and getting their views and perspectives about RLC and what is going on in the apartments or whatever the conversation may be at the time.


I definitely do not come here to get aggravated with people. I have a wife and two kids for that LOL.

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     Everyone is supposed to understand that the proper thing to do is notify a Moderator through the Private Message system and explain the situation, the person (s) it involved,  and the  time frame with which it happens.




I HAVE not received any PM's concerning any members that have acted inappropriately.


WHEN the Moderators do get notifications, the offenders will be dealt with.  


                 AND Admin will be advised also.



                 Aggressive behavior against any forum members WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

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