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1 same answer as toolmaker.

2 because they are to lazy to turn the TV off and they wait for someone else to turn it off.

3 they don't get enough sleep because they are up all night that's the reason for the strange hours.

4 pretend porn they pretend they are watching porn when really they are on vk.

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I bet i'm not the only one who has noticed - when there is little else on - you can still usually catch a great shot of Leora's cheeks


Yeah, you can usually flip through the cams and end up with a decent shot. Unless she goes burrito mode and rolls up.

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Random thought?...  

Why are they called "Day beds" yet they sleep on them all night!  


Is the Bed in the bedroom there for guests... No because the guests end up using the "day bed" while they go to the bedroom .


I just don't get day beds....buy a sofa

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"Kamila and Kristy mature and intelligent. Danaya and Adele trailer park trash and dumber than a box of rocks."


This was a comment posted in the chat room today.  I was very disappointed at the assumptions made in that statement.


My first question is "What is the criteria used to measure intelligence or maturity>"

If we accept that a mature person is one who can make their own decisions and accept the consequences, I would put Adele way ahead of the other girls.  Not once has she allowed others to dictate her actions, not Ilona or Danaya.  She knows what she wants. How does that compare with Kamila's vacillating about her boyfriend?


As far as intelligence goes, Do we assume that because Kristy reads books, that she is more intelligent than the others? Consider that in her first week, Adele spent a good deal of time downstairs studying with actual pen and paper - making notes on the books she had.  And Danaya was learning a new language on her phone.


As for the comment about trailer park trash, my knowledge of trailer park people comes from Jerry Springer and various internet sites around the place.  There is no way that you could compare D&A to any of the examples shown there!!!


My main disappointment is the judgement made by someone, who by his own admission doesn't subscribe to RLC, on such flimsy evidence.


We are able to express our opinions here, but we should be able to justify them.


Enough said.

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