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I believe this would be directed to @hotwal (@texl01 recommended doing this).


  Am i allowed to set up a poll in the General Discussion Forum? I tried but after completion it disappears.


   Steps that i did:

-clicked on General Discussion

-clicked on Start New Topic

-then new page comes up Posting a New Topic in General Discussion

-then at right side of the page under POLL clicked Manage Topic Poll

-typed in my Poll Title

-typed in my one Question (up to 3 separate questions allowed)

-typed in my possible answers (limit of 20 per question)

-once completed i clicked the bottom button Finished and screen clears and my typed poll disappears


 The poll isn't in the General Discussion Forum as a new Topic. I tried a few times but it does the same thing. Also, i tried to find more step by step directions with respect to setting up a poll but nothing specific other than what is on the Manage Topic Poll page.


  Wondering if i am allowed to do a poll, is there something i am doing wrong or is their an issue with this that you are unaware of. Polls are informative, fun and could possibly involve non-shouters. Thanks


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Click new topic.

Put what the topic is about in the message box you know the simple stuff.

Click manage topic poll on the right.

Put your poll title in then do your question hit finished then post your topic simples.

Listen I have done enough polls to know what I am talking about lol.

Hope this helped you if it didn't I am sure btr can help you find a different way.

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   Thanks Rob(forum moderator) - with some hesitation by me this actually worked and being voted on now. I think i didn't type my initial message for the new topic post before i started and finished the Manage Topic Poll (nothing to attach to - i guess).


   Additional questions - can everyone do the poll or only hero and paid members plus mods?

                                 - assume only 1 pick out of my 20 answers (not multiple picks if they wanted more than 1 selection)?


  The poll is doing what i wanted to see here. For any future polls i would like to ensure i fully understand any options available or specific rules (details) about the polls. The other option of doing a "multiple choice poll" is nice and i might try later after this one runs it's course.


      This is a good way for individuals to participate (have their say) if they hesitate using the shoutbox. Polls are a good tool but not perfect.

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I believe everyone can do the poll's and vote on the poll.

You can only pick 1 answer for each question you can do more questions if you wish on the same topic. But if i was you I would start a new topic when you do the poll's instead of doing all the poll's and questions on the same topic because they mite get mixed up but that is up to you.

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