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f him and f her


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i think its time to start a new topic..


sick and tired of hearing about k&k they are just a waist of time


so what about him & her do you think they have done enough to get there own app

i realy think they are going to run out of things to do to impress every one its all just a show ... if rlc did decide to give them there own app all the fun and games they are playing would soon stop and when his viagra supply runs out whats he going to do then

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Sounds like you are talking about efim and nympho and I hope they don't get an apartment on rlc

I think they should get an apartment, "after all look what Lev did to Zoya" and he is still there with Zoya and she seems to love him even more.  I believe Efim should get another chance I am sure you and others watch them make out and have sex just like the rest of us do. They are having sex more than the over paid ones anyway. 8)

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Yes, they do bring in more action then most right now..... BUT.... that'll change as soon as they would get a apt.... All a big show to hopefully get a second chance i'm sure...... Just Sayin.. :)

When Efin was in with diane they had sex all the way to the end

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I gotta say, SHE can have her own apartment and let Efim visit from time to time.  Have RLC's find another little hottie to room with her.  She is impressive, not only for her cooking, cleaning, f'ing like a monster, but very enjoyable violin playing.  I agree they can't condone violence against women by giving him his own place.  And we can't hold it against her that she has bad taste in men.  If she has her own place, maybe she realizes what a putz he is and kicks him to the curb.  Out he goes, but in she stays....

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