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So Leora is getting dolled up

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True - they should probably be able to watch RLC, unless their contract prohibits that. But they don't need to use the internet to know what the cam sees - just look at the damn camera. Unless it has a super wide angle lens (which would distort the images so that can be discounted), it should be fairly obvious within a metre or so what area is covered by each camera.

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rsarver152, see, that's why I kinda think that they don't completely know what they are doing. NONE of them ever seem or act like they're checking out the site, makes me think they don't know the name of the site. Maybe they look at the site and it's a bunch of apartments in USA and Canada and Mexico and south America. Perhaps they block everyone from being able to see apartments in their own regions. I also notice that nobody ever looks directly at a camera, they must be firmly instructed to never do that. I find this site more fascinating to observe behavior than for more perverse purposes. I'm going to point out right here though that Leora IS the queen of this site, I'd leave if she left. Also, Irma is adorable anyway, but when she has her bush growing out she was amazing! All these girls follow fashion and aren't uniquie, they're sheep, but Irma was unique and beautiful in the classic way, now she's a sheep too. Stop sheering the sheep! :)

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