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Leora's Accident

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Sorry in advance if this post doesn't belong here/ breaks rules.


So Leora was hanging out by the window in the Guest Room and I switched around their apartment to see if anything was going on. I switched back into the Guest Room and Leora was nowhere to be seen. Then I looked around the apartment a few times and couldn't find Leora at all. 


I thought she fell out the window.


I logged into the chatbox and voiced my concerns, wondering if there was anyway to contact Paul and tell him that his girl finally admired herself so severely that she backpedaled out the apartment and on to the Russian streets.


Obviously she was in a blind spot and I felt like a idiot afterwards.


Shoutout to @blaster for linking this amazing gif.



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You took my genuine concern and turned it into an insanely hilarious situation.  ;D


EDIT: I'm told that the Balcony stretches across the entire apartment and not just the living room. I'm not an idiot, I swear.

Their balcony stretches the width of the apartment but they only have access doors to it from the living room. If you watch closely, when the sun is just right and the kitchen cabinets are closed, you can see the doors and reflections of the mountains they see.


          IT does appear to be an all enclosed area though; perhaps because they are in Siberia.......

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I remember some time ago seeing the dog running from the livingroom out onto the balcony and then a few seconds later coming in from the kitchen. I was thinking "wait, did i miss that he ran back or what?". Then he did it again and again just having a blast there... it took a moment before i understood how he did it. :))

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