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would leora leave or stay

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I have 2 ideas that would be good to watch:


  1. Replace all the mirrors with the ones like at the carnival or fair that make you look fat/short/tall/skinny etc. 
  2. Put that black contact stuff over all the mirrors.  Watching her try to peel it off would be priceless.


It would be interesting to see her reaction...

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Well the only way leora will show true love for her mirrors is if she eventfully has sex with her mirrors which I see happening pretty soon lol

Anyway back to the question I think leora would leave if the mirrors was gone because she can no longer make mirror reflection babies

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She would be fucked lol that would be worse than loosing her arms or legs lol how would she cope 

Leora could get a RLC apartment of her own. Besides her own self pleasure just think of the guys she would be bringing home each night

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I think she would stay. The mirror is not just for her it's for the viewers as well. She's like look at me as I look at myself in the mirror Plus she still has the cams which is the real  reason she is there that and free rent. Leora is a performer if Paul was not there she would put on a show 3-4 times a day 

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Why do so many people give Leora a hard time about the mirrors?? Have you SEEN the girls in the Barcelona apartment??? Besides, it's what they do, they look cute and sexy, their JOB IS to do that all day long! And, what else do you WANT them to do? I'm in Florida, there's an 11 hour difference between me an Leora so when I get home from work about midnight my time, Leora is usually standing in front of her mirror putting on her makeup and it's a beautiful sight, one of the highlights of my day! Leora and Nelly are the only two girls that have genuine class on RCL.

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