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Camera's on Leora and Pauls Patio/Deck/Balcony What ever it is ! There should be camera's out there !

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We should take a vote of people that pay for premium should have the right to ask for camera's to be placed out there ! As much as they go out there . There should Be some ! If not ! Why Not ?

MrStiffy, I agree more and more action is taking place outside their apartment these days. 

There has been numerous postings on the suggestion forum, but RLC have done nothing about this, so I e-mailed them direct, they replied saying that they have no intention of putting any more camera's up at present.

If what people are saying in Shoutbox is true, there's no reason to doubt them, RLC is being taken over at the end of June, so as I see it the present owners are reluctant to invest, as the purchase of RLC by the new owners may already gone through. 

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It seems there are a number of apartments which have outside spaces; including K & K, Masha and Sasha, Zoya and Lev. I can understand putting cameras out in some of these could be tricky if the areas are not entirely private because RLC would run into legal issues if you could see their neighbors. I can also see an argument for the residents to be able to have somewhere where they can have 'private' time; although the viewers (us) could also argue the residents know what they are signing up for and are giving up their right to privacy; with the exception of bathroom use, which I doubt any of us would want (I hope).    

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