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Which tenants would you get upset about?


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Which of the current tenants on rlc would you get the most upset about when they eventfully leave rlc and give your reasons why?

I would say m&s (Maya & Stepan) because they are the most real out of all the tenants they do everything real nothing fake. I would miss Maya's amazing body. Also i would miss them because they have been on rlc since i first started watching it in 2014

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    For me, it would be tough to see Masha and Sasha leave. I like watching them doing yoga, drawing, watching their TV, cooking and just everyday normal routines. They are so comfortable in front of the cams - as if they don't exist - but i am sure there is some degree of scripting but i am okay with how they present themselves. At first, i didn't get into them but now i search for them and hope to catch them due to time zone issues.


    Personally, i like seeing girls in skimpy clothes, half naked, totally naked and occasional sex. Masha does all this superbly for this perv. As long as she doesn't dye her hair in extreme colors - she looks so damn cute and tall (wish i knew her height). She is a great masturbater and i love that she is vocal and visual (mouth open and screaming) when having sex.


    In terms of Sasha, he is different but he has the big hammer and knows how to use it (just ask Masha). Sasha performs well for the cams. Sasha and Bogdan are the best as opposed to a Paul or Lev. Sasha is weak on foreplay or after sex cuddling.


  Basically, this couple pretty well covers all the ranges of my voyeuristic needs and i rarely ever get disappointed in them (guests tend to interfere and slows things down). It is funny or strange but after Masha and Sasha have a long strenuous bout of sex - i feel like i had a tough workout and feel so exhausted myself- lol.

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Dasha and Demid I would miss the most. Yesterday she was feeling sick and Demid took care of her like a little baby My vote hands down for man who loves his partner . Some thing is bothering Paul. He got up today and it appeared he was crying does Leora  have a problem with her breasts? She has brought people some very hot moments on the show We do love you Leora have it checked out honey.

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I will miss Masha and Sasha the most. They have an odd relationship but what the hell. They have some good parties, do stuff instead of just laying around and the sex is awesome. Close would be Nelly and Bogdan. They appear to have an awesome relationship. I think Nelly truly loves playing to the camera and will give you the look, especially in the bathroom, that says 'I look good don't I and I love doing this', plus the occasional wink at the camera.  

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