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Are Leora and Paul married?

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they act like they are married it is the same thing day in and day out SHE SEEMS TO HAVE ARTISTIC TALENT I SEEN ONE OF HER PAINTINGS AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL A GOOD HOUSEKEEPER every thing in its place takes care of herself great body and carries herself well I THINK THE POOR GUYS TRYING BUT SHE IS JUST TO MUCH FOR HIM     bakerman77

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They are in FACT married; can't tell you what she ever saw in him; there are old photos of them when they were courting. They used to be in the gallery but have since long disappeared.

Yulia has a degree of some sort; Pascha is in the military reserves and it appears he does home based computer techs or electronicals repairs.


  I think RealLifeCam.com has an ifinity to couples dating being tenants after the likes of Efukim and Diana and Taya and Yarik's domestic violence affairs.


 Chance are the remaining couples, possibly with the exception of Carla and Mario, are in fact married couples; that includes Nina and Kira......... we saw their wedding dress.

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Do they want children? My guess is that she does.


Would RealLifeCams keep them if they had a child? My guess is no.


My guess is that she is extremely eager to have a child. She probably wants him to do other work so they can proceed with a family.

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On 7/1/2016 at 3:30 AM, user644 said:

old photos, if anybody want.

(Image Content No Longer Available)

Leora' real name is Ma Kettle?

Many thanks for the pictures!!! I dont know how you get them ....

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