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  1. We cannot trust anything Microsoft says. Sure, it was not an official Microsoft press release that said that (it was a Microsoft representative or whatever) but Microsoft never denied it until they announced Windows 11.
  2. It has been staying at home like the rest of us.
  3. I am not a doctor. But I think you can find confirmation of what I say here if you search for it. I have often heard that Tofu (Soybeans) have Estrogen, or at least a natural equivalent. I heard it so much that I stopped eating Tofu. Then a Urologist told me that one way to increase Testosterone is Estrogen. What? Well he said that when the male body gets extra Estrogen it makes more Testosterone. So I am eating Tofu again. It does not give me an instant hard-on but I am comfortable knowing it won't interfere with one. After all, many guys in other countries eat Tofu and people in those countries have no problem reproducing. Right?
  4. That is Chrome. Now we need to find this for Firefox. I have not tried yet.
  5. The pussy closeups on the couch really show how gorgeously lippy hers is. And I see no cigarettes in these pictures; she smokes too much.
  6. See: Chat with Lizrose90 in a Live Adult Video Chat Room Now CHATURBATE.COM Sexy dancing Keep bucket full for dancing to continue! 35 tokens per song request (non trolly songs only) I think she is the most entertaining person of all, at least among the top 5 for me. And I mean with her clothes on or off; she has immense potential as a family-style entertainer if she were to pursue that. When I first saw her she was singing and I was amazed at how entertaining she is. She says she is a lousy singer but I disagree. Regardless of how well she sings, she is amazingly entertaining. If you agree then please tell her she should make some G-rated (or maybe GP-rated) YouTube videos for others to see. I think and I hope that she will be amazed by the responses. Hopefully she can be encouraged to make some live appearances. She should go to Hollywood, there is much good stuff for her to do here. Hollywood will love her.
  7. It should be easy to just make your own HTML page for use by yourself locally that only links to the realms and rooms you want to see. Something like the following. Daniel & Dominessa Kitchen Jessica & Conan Kitchen Lisa & Grant Living room Herman & Red & Romina Living room Courtney, Heather Living room That is not as convenient as we would like but it works.
  8. When they were new (when I first saw the site) I sent the suggestion to move the list of rooms to the left side next to the list of realms. They responded but ignored it. So I won't bother to try making suggestions. It definitely is much more convenient to have the list of rooms next to the list of realms.
  9. Another woman that I think deserves more attention is _darcey_. She currently has 34,254 followers. .
  10. I see that she is stella_and_stephan in Chaterbate. She and Matilda are currently broadcasting at the moment and the Chaterbate video matches the Voyeur-House.TV video.
  11. I do really respect people that do things like that. Can you tell us who she is now?
  12. She is in my list of women I watch for. I don't know where she is in California but there is a chance I will pass by her some day.
  13. I found a woman I think deserves more attention than she is getting. See Chaterbate woman katerinarusskaya. She is a Russian redhead and very pretty and sexy. If big tits are a necessity then don't bother looking but otherwise she looks wonderful.
  14. And they are gone again. And they are back again.
  15. I think they did not return until now, at least two months later. The timezone is -8 and that is consistent with Las Vegas.
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