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Why do we watch RLC?


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We watch RLC because where true voyeurs, we like sneaking and peeking in peoples rooms and bathrooms, we like watching people have sex and masturbate, we like it when someone walks around the house or apartment half naked.  We like trying for figure out people while their living there life.  After seeing these things we tend to get mad when they don't show us these things we want, and thats when the kid who wants another piece of candy comes out of us because we can't all ways have what we want.  Where all a bunsh of pervs.  Those who disagree for what I just said are full of it....lol 8)

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Rubber man your ok you shoot straight from the hip. I may have different tendencies for watching Like getting a good laugh people doing things that I just don't do.picking my nose and dropping it every were whipping it on furniture and their clothes dropping food on the floor picking it up and eating it

touching them self and eating I'm a big fan of hector and Suzan since I came on the site Is drinking all that cum good for you? I seen her eating cake and ice cream and this guy isn't content unless he blows his crap down her throat keep up the good work you are interesting

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Just simple. Easy entertainment, sometimes really funny to watch and a good project to satisfy your personal need of voyeurism. To sum it up - RLC is a more or less unique project on the internet. Much better than similiar sites like voyeur villa but you have to pay a pretty penny to get access to all areas. 

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