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My Own Personal Voyeuristic Satisfaction Of Each Apartment and RLC Overall

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   This will be a 1 to 10 rating of each apartment and RLC where 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.


   My assessment for apartments is based on many factors such as time zone issues limiting my viewing ability, great use of feedback in the Chatbox, use of the gallery for pics and videos, being comfortable and showing nudity in front of the free cams, useless male tenants, abusive male tenants, tenants that are boring or disappear for long periods of time or hide from cams or act as being scripted plus the distraction of guests.


   This is related to my voyeuristic needs and not debatable since every one is satisfied in different ways. I am just putting this out there - do your own rating for each apartment and how RLC is pleasing you in general. I won't explain each rating in detail since this would get too long. Some apartments are a waste, some are okay while a few are great.


L&P - 5 (Leora only)

Maya &Stepan - 4

D&D - 2 (Dasha only)

N&K - 3

Z&L - 3 (Zoya only)

A&D - 5

C&S - 1

S&H - 3 (Suzan only)

N&B - 8 (penalized by having Efim as a guest)

Masha &Sasha - 9

All Girls Apt - 5 (just because i love naked women)

K&K - 3 (Kristy only)

A&K - 3

V&T - 1

S&M - 1 (new but not impressed so far)


      RLC Overall - 4


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