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If you were only allowed to choose 3 Apartments to view, Which ones?


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The Girls Apartment: Even tho some actually do something worth seeing, you get to see some hotties from time to time.


Nelly & Bogdan: Nelly is hot and enjoys a good fingering and fucking. 


Masha & Sasha: Masha is hot and enjoys a good fingering and fucking.


Both Masha & Nelly quite active doing other things too.

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i know there is alot of you will disagree ..


maya and stepan..


stepan and maya..


last choice 4 cats 1 dog maya and stepan..


i just love watching the things they get up to..


if any one dissagrees shame on you..lol

forgot the snake..sorry

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Nelly and Bogdan : Nelly is sexy, Bogdan takes care of his lady and they both have a good sense of humor, they have good friends and they have great parties.


Nina and Kira : There both sexy and have great sex, love watching them make out, good friends, good gathering, nothing fake.


Masha and Sasha : Masha is hot, sexy, nice ass, freaky.  Sasha is a stud for his lady, I have seen him at a sneaky point when young girls "china doll" came for a weeks visit but he is cool. The do have good company at times, when the party starts they do have fun. 8)

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Maya & Stepan

Masha & Sasha

Desiree and Raul

I would of said the girls apartment but i only really liked the apartment when Rita and Elisa was around plus the fake lesbian teasing puts me off as well

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