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Bating and the Full Moon


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Last night was a great night for Dildo Bating and her very good friend Finger Fumbling.


Kami went at it hammer and tongs with a bottle.    Irma used her pink C section inserter.   Polya pushed her pink wand in and out.   And Zoya gave best of all, a nice finger fuck in good view with the light on.


I only watch a few apartments and you may know that others of the girls (perhaps boys too) bated last night too.


But I was left with an impression that powerful natural forces were at work on girls' libidos.


Last night was a full moon with 100% illumination.   The tides were at the flood and the clits  a-throbbing.

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On 9/16/2016 at 1:40 PM, iloner said:

28 days later  - another full moon tonight.

I'm going to be watching Megan and Becca (but I can't get on till midnight LT).

Becca's pussy is throbbing for Megan.  

Can she lure her to her bed and let the luminescence work its magic?


what should we expect 28 weeks later??? :-\

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10 hours ago, qaz098 said:

what should we expect 28 weeks later??? :-\

Hi qaz098,

A full moon occurs approximately every 28days and is often associated with events such as high tides.   This is a demonstrable physical phenomenon.

In astrology all the planets have their cycles - the time they take to reappear again in the same place relative to the sun after circumnavigating the skies.    Mercury takes 88 days, Venus 224 days, etc.    Your Saturn Return kicks in at about age 28 for 2 and a bit years - the return actually takes 29 and a half years.    Look up Saturn Return - you may find it interesting.


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Think the topic is Astronomy, Astrology is for Gypsies looking in balls , hands and coffee-waist.

Think "heaven is at rest" at the moment now Anezka and earlier Elisa , Vika and friend and also appreciated Rita have left.

Current tennents aren't interesting that much or not at all, so my visits are few , please introduce real life persons and not 

showgirls for money.  They can be found elsewhere, thousands. 

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