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Camping In The Living Room

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For some reason unkown this apartment has been nothing but a down fall for RLC customers, seems that every couple that lives in this apartment either are never there, or when their there they want to hid from the cams and have sex in the closest as if "WE" can't see them going in or coming out of it.  Now here is a couple who is not only nasty as hell and won't keep the apartment "that I am sure is free rent" clean at all, these two have put a camping tent in the living room so "I am guessing" that "WE" can't see their sexual life.  Now I have to ask myself this "Is this what I pay for each month?"  RLC what is going on with this couple?  One is missing half the time, The other sits on the computer when he is home most of the day, they are not the cleanest people that RLC has, now this crap with the tent.  Now with the tent neither can tell weather there home or not.  Anezka and Karel needs to go back to the streets I see they do miss it with the tent in the living room.8)

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