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So after Anna's Epic Fail Coup Attempt what will happen next? This coup was a fail as soon as Megan was not invited and Stella and Poyla  walked out the door. Madam Lola sat smug at home with a grin thinking Try again young girl. RLC was like damn! So now will Madam Lola make Anna pay for her and Megan's insubordination? And what will the prices be? Maybe another high roller and Anna will have to s&f him too? Will the others have to pay a prices as well Belle And Carolina and Megan? Don't think Madam Lola has any control over Stella or Poyla  I think if they feel like playing alone they will if not you saw what just happen they will hit the door. So as this Saga continues you guys better hold off on the sockcondem, and the lotion as all you might get is what you just witness.   Rlc It's  A Shame the way you play around with these girls            

         And for all you guys that were looking for real life    


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