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I have been a huge fan of RLC for years, and to be honest I have enjoyed just about everything they have done. The couples idea is great, the girls apts, the parties  I really have not one thing to complain about EXCEPT FOR ONE THING. it is a real head scratcher for me and I welcome comments. There is little, or no diversity when it comes to the girls. This situation is a deal breaker for me

 Caucasian women they are not the first choice of everyone. I cancelled my membership when RLC got rid of Stella {sad day for me} and yet I am always puzzled to the lack of diversity. Different strokes for different folks is a common saying. Some guys like asian women. Some guys like black woman. Some guys like white women.  I am sure we all want diversity. It seems to me a no brainer to provide a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Personally I have no problem paying money to a unique site like RLC There really is nothing like it.. I am a big fan of RLCF as well. I find most of the comments very informative and entertaining.  I only became a fan of RLC  in the first place because of Isabel, otherwise I would have ignored the site all together. I wonder how many others ignore it, for the reasons I have stated? RLC does not want my money and I still don't understand why?

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In terms of the Barca apartments, a lot of the girls come from the same circle of friends, therefore there may be little diversity if they are all hailing from similar parts of Ukraine. But there have been a few exceptions; obviously Stella was great, Lara seems to be a mix of ethnicities, we had Asian Lalya (who didn't work out,) Polya was not caucasian... OK that's about all of them, but as long as the girls are inviting their friends it's about as diverse as it's going to get.

I'd say there's more diversity in Barca than the other apartments though, although obviously there's a much higher turnover. We only have Vanessa who is mixed race, and Desiree who is sort of Latin. Otherwise be careful what you wish for, because diversity does not necessarily relate to race, but also body type - we wouldn't want a website full of Sabrinas! 

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