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  1. Over the years I have also enjoyed X cam [RLCF.] I truly like the diversity shown here. The humor is amazing. Some of you I would really like to buy you a beer. People don't mind giving you their honest opinion. But, it does not have to be negative all the time. Although it was banned last week at a school { a true crime if you ask me} Ralph Allison's The Invisible Man tells the story of a well liked and respected man who succumbs to be that darker side of himself every time he is invisible. Allison actually predicted the 'future' as all of us become that negative and anonymous person when we talk to others on the the net. I am sure we are all respectful people to others in our real lives.
  2. The frustration in dealing with RLC is difficult. In a perfect world they would have women like Alina, Isabel and Stella with their own apartments. I would then be satisfied with the minimal effort of diversity with the girls enjoying a lifetime membership with a unique voyeur website that I truly like at times.
  3. It is amazing how people can twist another persons words. According to your logic, I do pay to see an empty apartment. Which is to say we all as members expect RLC to fold, because they will have a total of zero members. I have no problem cancelling my membership and have done so numerous times. I can bring my money to competitors. If you think any company should not give one damn about their customers, then you sir are 100% dead wrong. Tell me exactly how many members are willing to pay to see an empty apartment? That's right a grand total of zero. RLC run the show any way they want, it is obvious that's a given, if they do not care about their customers, they can also choose to have none. I do not know why you are commenting about my opinion of the girls or what the girls do outside of the cameras, or about my sex life. It has nothing to do with my point. My statement is 100% true. We all pay our money to see the girls, not empty apartments
  4. The time is well pass 6am Barcelona time and everyone is MIA. Funny how that happens when there is a lockdown there. Members pay money to see the girls, not empty apartments.
  5. Stella and Gina keep that party going ladies. You both rock.
  6. Doesn't apply to me. Mr. Mann said it best, way to much negativity. I have no problem leaving positive messages. Still, the image is creative. I always enjoy the banter back and forth.
  7. Okay. Let's be real. Stella is stunningly gorgeous and has the body to match. She may not be everyone's type and you may not care for her personally, but the facts are facts. Gina is also a very pretty girl. I can recommend a good eye doctor for those who disagree out there. Both I am certain are models, and deservingly so. So lets keep it real out there guys.
  8. Truly love seeing Stella and Gina together, they are both so hot. Hopefully some real action starts soon action
  9. VHTV. Same ratio. Same problem. I get it. If you make a great steak, then why make anything else but steak. But... it's steak and only steak. Some of us like variety, put some pizza on the menu, or a juicy burger. How about lobster? When you do changes like this, you increase your customers.
  10. Good to see a lot of you guys still here on this site! We all had our younger days parties, alcohol and drugs. You should not go overboard with it, but today I am not the worst for wear because of it, just having fun. Just keep it to moderation. It's not my thing to put down the girls, but others seem to love it. No big deal to each his own. I can only hope to see more diversity in the future, I am a paying customer, but it's a sticking point with me. I want to see a wide variety of different women.
  11. Stella is my favorite. To each his own, whoever you like. We all have our favorites. But let's be real. There is very little diversity on RLC. It is why it will never as great as it could be or make the money that it should. The ratio is 99.9 % white woman and .1% every other type of woman. The good news... it's never too late to fix a problem. Stella has always got along well with all the other girls and always puts on a good show for RLC and its customers. She is a star. She has always impressed me as a wonderful person. I hope your stay is long Stella Happy to see you back!!!!!
  12. I all ever ask of RLC is to be a voyeur site that provides a wide diversity of girls. Yet there are no asian, indian or black woman. Come on RLC get your head out of the sand. The 1960's past a long time ago.
  13. The past year has been bad for all, but I hope all of you out there are doing well. I see the Stella bashers are out in full force again. Yet whether you like it or not, the queen of RLC is back. Dust those cobwebs off the cams, and kill the crickets because everyone is invited to something sorely missed by all. A good party. She has been nothing but a good person. A stunning woman who brings something else sorely missed to this site. Diversity. So buckle up the ride has just begun.
  14. Welcome back Stella!!! The prettiest woman to ever grace RLC is back.
  15. Never had any interest in Masha myself. Never watch her. RLC does things that are good, usually by accident. Here, they actually have a new girl that a lot of people like, and she is a guest. Not someone on the payroll. She is one of a very few, on this site that are interesting to watch. Ana stays. Masha leaves. Sounds about right.
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