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A couple of questions


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Maybe these are answered elsewhere on the site, but if so I could not find it.

One, is this site officially affiliated with reallifecam.com?

Two, do the couples on reallifecam.com come here and read what we say, or even participate themselves?

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 Hi Pelleas and New.

  1.  It is believed the sites are not related. I have my doubts though. I heard the Barca Apartments are under a different management to RLC but operate as a part of them. Barca draw  interested viewers and RLC must 'profit' by the members flicking to the other Apartments.

2. The tenants do view the comments, Chat and Forums. There is nothing to stop Tenants joining in on comments or adding to Forum . You will just NEVER know who it may be. They are not likely to say , - Hi Chatters ,this is Belle from Barca 2, are they. 


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Regarding the Barcelona Apartments I interpreted the various comments about the management, particularly when ' HairyArseMan ' and the ' CokeGuys ' were seen, to relate to the ownership and supply of the apartments to RLC rather than the day to day operation and streaming of the content. As to the sourcing of the tenants again possible the same management are, or have been, involved but the contract with the tenants is with RLC just as all other apartments then the apartment management being paid by RLC.

Ultimately my view only.


As to the tenants viewing and signing up to RLCF & Camcaps the only way they could not is if the websites are blocked on the apartment routers. Even then ways around if they are smart enough unless RLC have been very smart too. Initially they will not know the site names nor probably the site they are appearing on but just searching on Google etc using their screen names they will soon find them.

While not directly a tenant Guitargstdnd signed up claiming to be the guest at Dasha and Demid's. Genuine or spoof - you decide ....

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