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  Good topic nicechumley455    

    For me, as a free cammer, it varies day-to-day. Sometimes as little as 20 minutes but occasionally it can be up to about 4 hours a day. First I check the cams for any action and then once I sign into RLCF I only periodically look at the RLC cams. My main focus is to get updates on the apartments and maybe catch some cam actions. Time zone issues, work and personal things do limit my viewing so RLCF plays a very important part of this voyeur experience with RLC. Poor/boring apartment tenants and "scripting" minimize my viewing pleasure. There are only a few go-to apartments for my liking. I often do a few rounds of each apartments in case I might catch something interesting (the blurred thumbnails helps).

    It is always nice to catch sex activities but for me the simple cock teasing gives me a rise. Lima seems to be a good fit for RLC although she has had a few issues but she would be someone I would like to be around with (something about her keeps me peaked and I like her). Masha, Desiree, Nelly and Elisa are the main attractions for me. Stesha is dynamite but shows no skin in the free cams (a crying shame because she is a very beautiful girl with an exquisite body and appears to have a great personality and looks like a great cook). Too bad RLC doesn't try to get Stesha and Marco to change their routine better instead of a community or group living apartment.

    Over the last several months I watch less of the cams because I have found that RLC has gotten worse - not better (for various reasons) but I still follow RLCF the same as before but dropped out of the chat room (for various reasons).

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I think I have posted on a similar thread on this subject before.  I used to be a paying viewer but I don't go on all that much plus I got bored with it after a time and now I just free view.

I tend to look in when I am having lunch or an evening meal and sometimes when I am not doing other things on the PC to fill in my time, I also skip certain apartments because I don't like the tenants, so why go there lol.

I also like to come on here to catch up on certain things as well.

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