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Why I like the Forum


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As the title says why I like the forum is because on many occasion I go on the chat and I join in, sometimes it is good and I like a sensible discussion plus a laugh thrown in, but I am finding those occasions few and far between now.

I have gone on a few times in the not too distant past and tried to join in, I ask a question or make a comment on something and get no reply, other people are there they carry on chatting as though I don't exist.  One of the times I went on the conversation was about B1 & B2 and things like 'So and so is still reading' -  'I wonder if so and so will get it on again tonight' -  'I see so and so is wearing a nice outfit' - Well this went on and on and it got very boring so I left.  So I go on again the next night and it was like the same conversation, again I made a comment on another apartment and got no reply, the chatters were obsessed with B1 & B2 so after a short time I left again.

So I find at least on the forum side I can comment of the apartments I look in on and most times people reply and/or I reply to their comments and also if a reply isn't really necessary I click the like button then at least they know I have read their comment and liked and in a way agree with what they have said as they have done with some of my comments, it is far better than being ignored.

I will repeat, the chat side isn't always like the times I mentioned above as I have had some good laughs on there.  I forgot to mention too that on many occasion I have seen the admin say to someone just coming on to say hello to the room before adding a comment, I always do that but like the times I mentioned above I didn't even get a reply to my 'Hello'

Sorry to the people who do take the time to reply and acknowledge and have chatted with me in the past, this is not aimed at you but the ignorant, bad mannered ones who seem like they have their own little circle and I felt like an intruder.


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  You pretty well covered what I have also observed over time in the past and lately. You worded it really well. I backed away from the Chat Room because of this and a few other reasons, which I miss doing, but it still hasn't improved for me to get back participating. The forums and posting comments allows me to still interact with all the great members. I don't believe we are the only ones seeing this. When I use the "add more"  feature to check the daily chat - sometimes the chat is very trivial and unnecessary. Kinda like a predicted play-by-play ahead of time (wishing or saying certain things will happen next). Real life is actually waiting for things to happen as they unfold. Not all chatters are like that though. Oh well, just have to adjust and deal with it whichever way works to stay updated on RLCF and RLC.

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