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It's been brought to the Administrators and the Moderators attentions AGAIN, that some new members as well as some old have forgotten the forum has a set Rules of Conduct, and we are finding it necessary to remind everyone AGAIN; 

 There are rules that have been set forth on how you are expected to behave within the forum walls. 

   It may seem the Moderators have been a bit lax in the enforcement of the conduct of many of the members. This may be due to circumstances of the apartment dwellers not being active enough for many; I don't know, nor do I care.  This is no reason for the members of this forum to badger, belittle or make derogatory comments personally to other members.  

        That's Not why we are here.

   This is NOT a war zone, Nor is it going to become one. (Much to the dismay of members across the street at CC). Of which this forum is beginning to look like------It ain't gonna happen.

      When BTR was a part of the 'discussions'  here, He made it abundantly clear......... Go into the forum archives and you will see. His comments and posted rules are still in affect as far as I know. I never heard of any changes from the Administrators.

  With permission of the Administrators, I am instructing the Moderators to begin again the upholding of the rules-------- If you don't remember them, you are reminded to go refresh your memories.

  Failure to follow the rules might mean your account  with RealLifeCamFan.com could be in jeopardy.

 We are here to have fun, constructively criticize the tenants of RealLifeCam.com, share some personal stories, BUT Never to rag on other members. If you don't agree with their comments, criticize but also give a reason; Don't just yell out, "YOU're fucking wrong!" No one like s the bully.

     If you have a problem with a member, if a member posts something that is against the rules set forth, DO NOT attempt rectify the situation----------------

  Contact a Moderator, through Private Messaging, and we will handle the offense and the offender. Not always will the reporter know what the outcome or decisions of the reports will be. If you are fortunate to get a reply, Please Do not share this information. It just causes more turbulence within the forum. 

         That's all I gonna say for now, But Please (As Patrick Swayze said), Be NICE!!!

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