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Forum Rules being respectful debate.


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I/we all see certain posts where someone says something about a tenant then a moderator posts to be respectful to tenants.

So if for example a tenant behaves or does something a bit distasteful, what do we post, for example how many times have we read about a certain tenant picking his nose and how lame he is ect, so that is allowed but it isn't respectful to him but no warnings?

A certain girl who acts and dresses like a guy gets lots of abuse but again no warnings, so are some things acceptable about some tenants and not about others, I'm confused?

This is meant to be a debate on what you all think is acceptable and hopefully the mods will comment too.

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Just re generating this topic again, I just read on another section where we are warned/advised to be respectful to tenants.  Well not too long ago there was a couple in an apartment and nearly everyone was slating the guy no end, his girl/wife also got a bit of a bashing but not as much as him, any way after only a few weeks they were gone and everyone was glad.

So I'm thinking does RLC read all this and it effects the tenants score so to speak, I mean if lots said couple X were fantastic etc and couple Y were boring who is RLC going to keep or get rid of?  The more couples like couple X who are fantastic will bring in more money so being disrespectful isn't such a bad thing as long as it is not too bad of course.

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Be respectful is a rule  which the Mods enforce using their common sense and, I expect, guidelines, so there is some consistency.    But its a tough and thankless task, though probably a lot easier on RLCF than on CC.   The Mods do a great job keeping this forum a place where we can share and discuss.

Sometimes we all want to criticise and this should be allowable where there is justification, even if it is not a widely held view.    I would say that making a valid point of criticism is not disrespectful.    But what is interpreted as criticism is usually a subjective view.    I may hold that my view is a widely shared moral good, but someone somewhere will think the opposite.  

But where critical comments are made and repeated with little or no justification the tenant is harmed, and our enjoyment is harmed.    Same where posters are bullied because they hold a particular view.  

Those people who are appalled by common human behaviour, such as picking nose, perhaps want to bully and denigrate others in order to bolster themselves.   But this is common too, so we accept it.   

 We are voyeurs, interested in and accepting of all behaviours, even those as weird as our own.




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