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In fact things get worse, it seems that Estelle has castrated Nicole who has nearly no sex life any more with boyfriend or dildo. Nicole has to tell Estelle to stay away to just have a few minutes for herself and her dildo. This makes it not only not interesting anymore, I think you have only one appartement left where things go round  (B1) and its not  because of the twins its still because of Irma and a little less Jess. I don't believe the Twins will bring anything interesting and most people will get annoyed, however until Irma leaves that does not matter a lot. But Estelle is a mer disaster and I think even before Nicole leaves end of this month you will loose a lot of subscription even with Angelina there who has not much sex appeal and is not a natural exhibitioniste like Irma.

Besides that Leora is more and more boring and I lost all interest in watching her, whilst before she was your workhorse. So renewal is in big question and not only for me.

Thats all I have to say.

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Girls sharing a bed is never going to work, not rocket science... didn't work week one of B1 and won't work now.

Twins are a fucking Joke and very annoying... Jedward

The top 7 apart from Zoya can get tae fuck.

Personally Leave.. N&B, M&S, L&T, S&M rest fuck off

Rant over off to work.. Bye :) 

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