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Barcelona appt bathroom usage and cam


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Jessica/Lia/Mia/Irma appartement have only one small bathroom.

 there should be a cam with mic, a lot of talking is going on in there

the time to stay in the bath should be limited, very often the twins can not use the bathroom because of Jessica in there 2 hours or more.

The Cam is on an absurd place, it should be on either wall above the shower idealy because the Mirror does the rest.


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RLC can not put a mic in there because the lavatory is there too,  also the cameras must not see it. Another cam with a better view of the bath would be more interesting.

I agree that Jess and Irma hog the bath for hours, that though is down the the girls thinking of others not RLC.

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8 hours ago, CowArt said:

Correct, but until Nicole arrived, there was a big red X on the toilet seat, "DO NOT USE!". I think removing the red X was Michelle's parting gift to Nicole. >:D

   If the girls are NOT to use the toilet for a piss or shit because of the cam location then why is RLC Staff condoning the use now? Who the fuck is minding the store at RLC? Obviously - they don't give a shit about the tenants/guests or personal private matters (no pun intended - haha).

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