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Every month with out fail RLC collects it's cash. They don't want to hear you are Under Maintenance and they personally don't care. Better have their money or you are shut the fuck down. In the past week in B-2 alone it went under what 5 times? Now you do the math for a person who only comes to RLC for B-1 and B-2  out of his 45.00 how much has he loss? than factor in the fact that all they do is lay in bed or go out. Just what exactly is the member paying for? So me being the cool guy that I am I shot them an email. Now I put in 15 hours a day so i figure i would get a response with in two days. NOT a peep out of them. So now I know what RLC is up two they are trying to pick Barcelona up and drop it on our fucking heads. they done care if we cry like a motherf@#ker they jump in their spaceship and leave Barca like motherf@#ker. For all my older member this is a rap. See RLC theory is they can shut down and rebirth like a motherfu@ker . while they snatch our hard earn money And leave earth like a mother f@#Ker sing to their members we gone we gone. lol well you guys know this comes from a lack of sleep so I'm gone. got an early wake up Bottom line is RLC give less than a damn about us or how many times B-2 goes um cause  he who controls the ho's control the watcher as DRE say it keeps you watching  now shake baby shake shake it for me. So sub Barca for cali and you got RLC. ok good night    



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