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3 hours ago, Col1948 said:

Probably just me but lately I'm getting bored with a lot of the residents, I have got to stage now when I logon I only visit about 4-5 apartments, and ignore the others, nothing doing so I log off.

   Welcome to this ever expanding club that find themselves in search of similar voyeur type activity. Over the last year or more RLC has become too repetitive, too predictable and different girls but same daily shit. RLC staff is using poor hiring practices for questionable tenants and don't have any fresh ideas or willingness to try new adventurous changes that will keep long term subscribers. Just look at the number of frequent return tenants. RLC won't listen to subscriber requests as to different types of possible new tenants or complaints about some tenants that are way past their "best before date" or "expiry date".

    Because of the boring apartments I often check out VOYEUR-VILLA and VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV that are both similar to RLC but in my opinion much better to be entertained by the variety of tenants. These sites satisfy my voyeuristic needs more than RLC. I love Desiree but she is forever cold and wearing bulky clothes or covered with a blanket - FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! RLC can't supply sufficient heat because they pocket all the money made from subscribers and don't give a shit because there will always be new subscribers that are curious.

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