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Another day tomorrow


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I'm an insomniac.

AUGUST 2016.

Just joined RLC and it was great. There was a first time for everything.

I joined thinking I would be getting occasional glimpses of naked or partially clad females ( and males :-\ ). Something to fill the early hours.

Gradually I ticked off certain girls bating. Even better! With the time differences between here and there, wherever there may be, it wasn't insomnia keeping me up any more.

It was obvious straight away that the occupants of b1 and b2 at the time enjoyed each others company. Cuddles and the occasional sly grope. Blimey, there could be some lesbian activity here. Bonus! ( It was obvious that Nina and Kira and Carina and Sabrina were lesbian apartments but somehow that wasn't the same. )

Eventually the experiencing of some sort of sexual activity in almost all of the apartments was ticked off and so it started to become a case of " I've seen this before " and the need for something different kicked in.

Fortunately, a site such as RLC has the ability to produce the unexpected. The Autumn '16 barca 2 experience, Heidi's lesbian extravaganza. Masha and Sasha's swinging emporium etc .etc. These events are relatively rare but are invariably worth waiting for.


Its now May 2017. Many consider RLC currently to be the " worst " its ever been. Its not.

I rarely spend much time viewing any of the standard apartments because in most cases IT IS a case of " I've seen this before. " This is where the barca apartments come into their own, simply because they are the most likely place for the unexpected to occur.

I agree that things have been slow recently but it isn't because the reintroduction of previous tenants doesn't work. Times change. peoples personal circumstances change. There are so many variables. What it isn't is the fault of RLC.

I log on at some stage every evening and, more often than not, I'm greeted by the girls either lying around doing nothing or empty apartments(s), but I don't beat myself up about it. It only takes the smallest thing to click and BOOM, another special event.

If not, there's always tomorrow.




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Well done Giromino, and well stated,  I can see you are a true Voyeur and have the patience, not like so many who should be really watching Chaturbate for their quick fix.

Voyeurs unite and explain to some , what a RLCF Voyeur expects and waits for. Anticipation is like patience - all good things come to those who wait. 

Best Post I've seen for ages  :) :) :)   texl. 

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One of the problems with a voyeur site is that you can never guarantee to be online when anything really interesting is happening and with RLC you have to factor in the cost for a months membership,this site is not cheap especially if you go premium,so I can see why people get frustrated or lack patience as its costing time and money to stay logged in.

Personally I am quite happy watching pretty girls walking around topless and have patience to wait for an event to happen...however I don't always have the will to pay the fees for premium...so I appreciate the gallery on here and the great pics.

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