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It is understandable that in RLCF chat you should use a common language. Considered that there are people from different countries and you have to have a unique way to understand.
But I would like to know what is written in the best possible way. There are two ways I believe, the first is that only those who are English are accepted. The second that there is freedom of access to everyone, but so the difficulties of understanding exist.
So I wonder if it is possible that in conversations we should use more understandable expressions to everyone, even those who are not in English. I understand that this puts some difficulties, but with some effort on the part of everyone we can come to solving this problem. Thank you all

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I do not know your country of origin 1brain1 but, for someone who clearly does not have English as their " first " language, your use of the English language is very good indeed.

It seems to me that the majority of Europeans whose first language is something other than English, are also very good with English and maybe other languages as well. Rather embarrassingly, the majority of English people cannot speak any language other than their native tongue. Myself included.

I do not use the chat box myself, but I keep an eye on it to keep updated with events and it appears that a lot of contributors use translation software to partake in the conversations. The only person whose comments are not always the easiest to decipher is Vortois, who I know uses translation software and this highlights the only possible problem with using this type of software. Vortois does , by nature, seem to be currently the most negative person on RLCF but, there is the possibility that a particular point that somebody is trying to make could be misinterpreted because of dodgy translation.

As English is the most commonly used language in the world, with the possible exception of Chinese, I'm not sure how else to solve the problem that you highlight.


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It is natural that those who speak English do not speak other languages. One of the widespread languages in the world is English. The problem I have submitted is not caused by softwere translators but by how these are used. One has to consider that a translator "speaks" correctly a language. A translator DOES NOT know "special ways of saying,"  but above all it is NOT able to correct the text, for example, EYEINTHESKY wrote in his post" translatorsoftwere "in one word. The translator is unable to correct and therefore DO NOT translate This word ... this means that the translate text must be written in the correct language if you want the reader to understand what you mean.One way to write correctly is to put a punctuation with dots and commas. The translator "understands" better the meaning of the sentence . I understand that all this takes time and often you do not want to, but then if you write something and you do not understand, what do you write?
Often I do so.
I write in Italian and then copy the translation, put it in the opposite space and translate it again from English to Italian.
In this way I understand if it's all quite understandable.
I use google translator and this post shows how I can make me understand it well.
I think you can tell if I'm understandable or not.
Thank you for reading and responding.

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