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  1. any chance the developers can allow us to access archived chat like we could before? it's one of the mainreasons I subscribed to this site.
  2. Looks Like Nelie spent some of her bonus money on an "enhancement". Nice to see them back!
  3. under the breasts. the scarring looks just like mashas.
  4. I take it you're not a paying member then? If you don't play the game, you don't get to make the rules. What's the difference between hiding under the covers or in a hidden area of the apartment, or just putting a cover over the cameras? RLC doesn't seem to go along with that too well. Paying for this subscription gives me the right to bitch, and also lets people like you watch for free.
  5. like it's going to make a difference, but I just sent another e-mail. Once again, one of the tenants, Sophie, has decided to take her activities off camera by hiding in the bathroom while she has sex. I have written previous complaints about this behaviour in the past, but have never received a reply. I fell that this type of behaviour is cheating your paying clients and is the same thing as covering up the cameras in the rooms. There are currently at least three other voyeur sites now competing with Real Life Cams, and this sort of activity does not happen on any of them.
  6. All valid points, but in my mind it's the same thing as putting a cover directly over the camera lens. Judging by Nicole's warpaint show last night, their little tease didn't go over well with someone else besides the viewers.
  7. That's the reason I pay for all my software, movies, and music. Somebody expended efforts (read $$$) to create all of the content that I listen to, watch, or use on my computer (in the last case, to generate $$$ of my own), so they have a right to fair recompensation. If the quality of what they offer didn't have a price, it wouldn't be worth having.
  8. e-mail to RLC regarding the Sophie/Nicole escapades I just watched Nicole and Sophie spending at least an hour of “real life” together hidden under a tent they made with the bedcover in Sophies room. Clearly this was in order to obscure their actions from the viewership. While I can understand that some activities need to be private, this behaviour is highly disrespectful to paying customers of Real Life Cams. I have held a premium membership for over a year and recently paid for 1800 replay tokens. This money is wasted if the tenants of the apartments decide to camou
  9. martina and alberto, cam 1 08:32 - cat humps dog in living room. M&A bedroom 13:43 - Martina begins BJ on Alberto.
  10. I've taken all of my important correspondence with members like you and cut and pasted it into a word document that stays on my hard drive. That lets me delete some correspondence that would otherwise fill up my mailbox.
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