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  1. I have never seen Gina as unhappy as she has been since she got her own place? I am guessing it hasn't turned out the way she had hoped? The problem for her now is that she seems to have pinned her future on RLC. How much of that future relies on Curly being a part of it? Can she dump him? Does RLC want another single ladies place like Masha? What may have seemed like an good solution, give Curly a home and get us to pick up the tab, is now seemingly going to shit. Moving in with the one you love is romantic. When he then moves his family in, less so. I wonder if Curly is on the payroll given
  2. Based on the conversation Kitty had the other day, about 02.10 on the 28th, she is going to have a nose job? Why mess with such a beautiful face? In my opinion, Kitty is the most beautiful lady on RLC. In all the years she's been on RLC, I have never thought there was anything wrong with her other than the fake tits. I guess, some people don't realise how luck they are?
  3. Run Claire, run! Карлос - пизда.
  4. Claire, the whole New Years Eve proposal was all very romantic, sort of, but, do yourself a favour you will never regret, run! Get as far away from Carlos as you can. He doesn't want a partner, he wants a servant. You are better than that. Find someone who respects you and who treats you as an equal. You have only one life to live. Don't waste it on this loser.
  5. I guess he's just an acquaintance cos he got neither.
  6. Mo is strange. She has that one guy over, they sleep together but it never goes beyond cock teasing. She won't even let him see her tits? Now she is at B3 and has no problem getting naked with Carlos and Anthony?
  7. I know I am going to get nailed for this post but, given all the issues with the plague, I think, under the circumstances, RLC have done quite well. The places have generally been occupied. With the travel ban, it was inevitable some participants would be stuck for a while (in some cases, an eternity) and bringing in new people was next to impossible. To an extent, I can understand those like Irma who were basically trapped and just wanted to go home and, as a result did f-all. That being said, if the chat figures are right, we are effectively paying them Є5000 a month? I don't think it's unre
  8. I like her. It saddens me that some people on this forum and chat seem to have a vendeta against her? At a participant, she has done everything, so, why the hate? Mil is naked a lot, she has had sex on cam, what more can she do? Many have this obsession that certian people are trying to control the others? They are trying to be the leader? Based on my 6 odd years on RLC, it's more a fantasy than a reality.
  9. B1 cam 1, 19:57. Irma struggled down the stairs while Gina and sideshow bob appeared to make fun of her. Gina, Ти сука!
  10. Having spent years watching Gina, I felt sorry for her when she found out curly shagged Uly in the same apartment while she was there. What a gentleman. Were the tears she cried the next day real? Who knows, who cares. She now knows she is just another notch in his belt, a meaningless fuck until the next bunch of druggies move into B1. She seems ok with it so, just enjoy seeing Gina get laid. It has been a long wait!
  11. My doctor told me the same, I changed doctor. Just out of interest, which part/parts do you disagree with?
  12. Yesterday's chat was quite interesting. Shortly after I first joined Discussed, I criticised Dutchy because I felt his dislike of Rose got too personal and repetitive. My opinion! I had previously had some contact with him on chat and, as I have said in previous posts, he was always welcoming. While I don't always agree with him, I think the recent criticism of him is unjust. Yes, he seems to dominate chat but, is that his fault? He is an active participant. Is that bad? He's a member, not a moderator so he has no power to control chat! If more people participated, then he wouldn't be so consp
  13. I guess the wedding is cancelled? I never saw that coming! Sideshow Bob being unfaithful? Who would ever have thought such an outstanding citizen might dip his wick elsewhere, especially after being immortalised in a now discarded Picassoesque artwork. What I found particularly nauseating, was he thought he was some kind of hero for fucking Uly? When he went outside to his friends on the balcony, it was all high fives, etc? You were, arsehole! Uly had to bate because you failed to satisfy her, just like all the women before you have left underwhelmed!
  14. Personally, I don't understand the negativity towards Elettra? She's one of the better looking ladies on RLC, she ticks all the boxes in terms of nudity, straight sex , lesbian sex? As far as I have seen, she's only had straight sex with one guy the entire time she's been on RLC? They had sex today and people in chat called her a "slut" and a "whore"? (I'm tempted to give credit to the quotes, but won't) Why? What has she ever done to deserve such derision? She had sex with someone she's clearly been in a relationship with for at least 3 months? Does that make her a slut or a whore? Alex and
  15. Irma and the twins. In real life, a hot woman like Gina wouldn't touch that fat slug. It's either a set-up or free crack, for both?
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