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Thanks so much for sending me that clip from both angles. It certainly was a full blown Grand Mal Seizure. It moved through the stages typically seen in seizure.  Not only, commonly observed in 'Epilepsy', but there are many other causes to make one have a seizure. For example  - Drugs ( legal or illegal ) , cerebral tumors, exhaustion severe fatigue , a blow to the head, and many more. 

I think the blood we saw was from a cut to her head or commonly from biting her tongue or inside of the mouth during the seizure. Often the patient is incontinent of urine. 

I am glad someone from CC has alerted her to the real event. This needs to be medically investigated with a degree of urgency to establish a cause and rule out all the other nasty things. And be treated.  ( I am sure a Physician would appreciate Video evidence of the event. ) 

It certainly bought back memories to me , as distressing as they are.  All one can do is ensure a clear airway, protect the patient from injury, ( as we saw in Nicole's case bumping her head repeatedly ) and do not restrain the clonic/tonic movements. Her posturing of the arms is called Decerebrate posturing.

I hope Nicole is pro-active in seeking advice. She would not want an occurrence of this, if Driving for example. 

 Very lucky capture , Thankyou. 

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