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Giddy Up Giddy Up

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Looks like Lola "aka Mr. Ed the talking horse" "aka Madam Lola" "aka lady Pimp" has left the stables...lol  Great great great...and now what well happen to B2 and who well carry out her wishes? Since Irina's return from her short vacation she has been keeping a low profile "I wonder what made her do that, and maybe she has been reading the viewers comments while away" and taking a real good look at herself following behind Lola. But I am sure Irina is going to spring back into action any day now.  Zlata doesn't seem to be to promising for B2 as a new leader, there is really not to much to say about her because all she does is just sit, cook and watches T.V most of the day.  Lola if your reading this, "you have a safe trip and please take all the time you need to come back."  "Giddy up  Giddy up my old stallion"8)

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It has only been 3 days and some how Lola "aka Mr Ed" aka Pimp" aka Madam" has found her way back into B2, what a spoiler for the viewers.>:(  I guess she is looking for fresh meat to put on the market for some of her male friends again. She still have control of Zlata and Irian and from the looks of things she trying to add Renata to that list.  Hopefully Leona and Nita won't make that mistake.8)

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Seems to be a trend now.......

Both apartments seem to be wanting to piss viewers off, Be gone you old tenants.....

Enuff is Enuff.... one comes back to piss off one tenant, and the other comes back trying to pimp out the girls........

I'd rather see them have a BF show up once in a blue moon then seeing them fuck strangers everynight.....

Are they trying to make these girls catch a sexual disease or something....

Just Venting...lol

(like that'll matter)

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