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Out Of Control Kids

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Seems these four ladies do have a lot in common when it comes to beauty "in there intorduction to their apartment."  As a viewer I watched the begining of yesterday's beging with them getting up in the mornning "but unsure weather on one or two was hidding from the cams or just makiing store runs for there tonights up comming party."  As the day started so did the every 12 min shots of alcohol between the four, at first I thought maybe there having a drinking contest or something "wow" and then there was another bottle and another....as I watched these girls slowly go from mature sexy ladies and into in-mature little teenage girls.....out of know where their other little friends started showing up at the party "more little boys then girls" some of the little boys where really out of control when they started pushing some of the girls around "I guess either it was the drinking or some other unknown source from outside of this now "out of control day care center."  A lot of the "kids" began jumping around on some of the chairs and tables threw out this once nice looking apartment, from the looks of things they didn't really care who's apartment it was either,  I also witness a little girl throwing up in the bathroom sink "Nasty Nasty" she did mangage to push it down the drain though...lol  As the night went on the party was like watching a bunch of out of control kids whos parents left them alone with a few run away bad kids that needed a free paid place to threw a party..."and it worked" for the ones who doesn't work for RLC.  Surly it all came down to  some loud talking and sneaky sex...if they can remember weather it happen or not the next day..lol  I am not aginst any party in any of these apartments, but I was so hoping for more mature ladies....these ladies made B1 and B2 look like a convent...I have to admit these four girls looks "fooled the hell out of me."  They are sexy but to wild once they start drinking....I also think they need to put there head togther "witch could possibly make on e brain" and contorl there company more then they did last night.  Maybe this apartment well last "I hope not, I think I'll try and stay out of this one, unless they find a sitter for these young ladies,"   I am sure other viwers liked what they saw and I have nothing aginst there thoughts these are just minds "only"

The party is over, the next day someone made the kiddies clean up the place....but the Drug supplier is still there...I wonder when he's going to make his next move??8)

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