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Angie, Glasha, Sonya

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Glasha and her boyfriend seems to be doing well, "at least she is still with him on cam" but other then that she seems to like him a lot,  I still don't understand why she is the only one who is having sex in the house..."seems like she is carrying everyone else when it comes to the viewers"  Sonya does walk around looking sexy, but could give us just a bit more.."I think" and Angie brings a guy home every now and then but never have sex with them..."real sex"!!!8)

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6 hours ago, TBird97 said:

¿Realmente me he perdido algo? La razón por la que pregunto es que cualquier actividad sexual parece estar hecha bajo las sábanas y que este apartamento es bastante aburrido.

Really, what you should ask is ... and this without having news in several weeks ... Is there anything good in that house?
The electrical installation is really bad, even worse than in most houses. From what they say, the cameras are unbearable, since people always name the same thing, they cut or stop the image at the best times (others just say, what it is for people to pay to see the repetition, lol)
And the girls ... well, the best thing for many is for the girls to return when the conditions are better. Since these girls, they do not work and much less entertainment.

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