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Howdy Gangstas!  

Soooooo....  I got to thinking about the food situation in the apts.  Everyone is so focused on the naked and the dead, that perhaps we forget these ladies have to subsist on some sort of sustenance.  Some of them are REALLY skinny.  But that's another post.  Right now I focus on that some of them are REALLY good in the kitchen.  I'm just going to rattle off some 'names' I've witnessed being really outstanding with basic ingredients and making delicious dinners.  FIRST, of course, is my baby girl, my obsession - KIRA - she can whip up a from-scratch-meal in 20 minutes, take that Rachel Ray!  Granted it's pasta and meat and sauce, but what else does a growing lesbian punk band need?  Oh yeah, bread and spread, and wine and beer.  She got that covered, too.  Plus a water filtration that dispenses cold AND hot water, when you want chamomille tea after dealing with meltdowns.  

I digress.  Meanwhile, in the oft GP and B2... what to say.  LOTS of fish and chicken made in GP kitchen, which is fine with me, Mediterreaneanean diet and all that, I love me some fish, any kind of fish, salmon and cat esp, flounder is awesome, tuna, grouper, bass, did I mention salmon?  Trout, cod, haddock, catfish,  mack, sword, did I mention salmon?  And let me not forget the important sardines, herring, and anchovies.  Also catfish.  And salmon.  

Anyway, where was I?  OH yes, EATS.  I have not paid much attention to who cooks what at GP, or B2, but I have noticed as of late that Tiana is quite skilled in the kitchen, at cooking more than just fish and chicken, like the other ladies.  She has displayed this skill at B2 as well.  She made perfect bulgogis yesterday at B2.  Sofie and Nay enjoy her cooking.  

Eva is also skilled in the kitchen.  I have watched her make a 3/6 twice.  Impressive.  She likes to eat alone, tho.    

Nelly and Bogdan in the kitchen together is just magic.  Nelly and Bogdan together anywhere is just magic.  

I digress again LOL.  Anyway, so what I was thinking about, from the start of this ridiculous monologue, was I wonder what Western foods these people have tried before.  I mean, for example, I had sausage and COLLARD GREENS in vinegar.  Typical Southern dish, but one I would think that Kira would be revolted.  LOL   Hey I am open to sampling all foods, and thanks to a wordly bunch of girlfriends, I've tasted the world.   BUT, to turn the tables, so to speak, I WONDER what our heroines have tried of the West before?  

(I would love for Kira and Nina and Doe to sit down to a bowl of ham hocks and collard/mustard greens LMFAO)  

Sooooo..... what are your thoughts on the EATS my friends?  


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I think you're ready for another outstanding  chat session with RLCF's old timers
Obviously,they will not talk about Tiana, Sofie or other Kira, but they will talk with you about culinary specialties and their benefit,for sure
I will follow the B2 drama while you will take care of the food situation
Especially do not stop there, created other topic as potty and far-fetched, I'm interested
Above all,do not worry, you are neither a pawn, nor a slave like Tiana, nor a ninny like Monica, nor a jealous like Naomi or even Machiavelli as Sofie
Luv U PoP2 as you are 8)

Bon appetit...

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Thanks sturmchaser.

An inventive fun post.   I have seen Eva's skills in the kitchen with Sam's implement, but ignored her cooking.   What is a 3/6?

I would sure like to see Naomi and Sofie enjoying Tiana's bulgogis.    Recently we have been getting to see her perfectly lovely fishy slice displayed on Sofie's bed - I would love a taste.



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Thank you, zzzzzman, and iloner.  Wish you would join the chat, you have a unique perspective I appreciate.  A 3/6 is a local reference to making an egg omelet with only 3 of the 6 main ingredients of a true omelet.  1. eggs  2. cheese  3. onions  4. peppers  5. mushrooms  6. some protein, usually sausage.  Granted, more stuff can always be added to an omelet, but a 3/6 usually means you want it veggie style, no meats.  Eva has made egg/cheese/pepper omelet twice around 0100 her time.  Perhaps she's a veggie head?  After which she watches an online college course on the laptop in the kitchen, consuming it bit by bit.  It was fascinating to me.  I like the way she chews.  I also loved how focused she was on the course.  This young lady is bettering herself one degree at a time.  Poor Sammy is just a vessel to her to get her where she wants to be.  My opinion - biased of course - more power to her!  

Yeahhhh...  you know where my heart lies, but if given the chance to sample Tat's bulgogis... I'm ALL IN. 

Please don't tell Kira I said that.  kthx


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ALSO.... I must make a retraction and a correction - so embarrassing!  It was NOT bulgogi that Tatiana was making, but Pelmeni!  I got my cuisine mixed up, thinking of a lovely tall Korean lass I used to know... made great bulgogi.  However....  our sweet slender Leia-like lass was making Russian pelmeni!  Think of the most delicious potstickers you've ever had, with a Russian twist.  There you have pelmeni.  If you eat them with chopsticks, even tho they are not Chinese, you get points.  Sorry for my culinary discrepancy.  It won't happen again, I promise.  

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