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Timetable of Sexual Activities for Diana and Efim

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BabOlii - I think that we all appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication and even support what you are trying to do.  However, as you can see, most of the members on this board know when to come online for any of the couples...+8 usually happens in the early morning for US watchers/voyeurs...+4 happens in the afternoon for US watchers/voyeurs, and +2 happens...well, without Alma (the most popular) it almost doesn't matter...and it's a blessing when Alma is seen in Isabel's apartment.  So, it doesn't matter what schedule we try to incorporate, the times that people will be on are based on these times.

In other words, you should monitor the members on this board instead of any of the couples to see when action takes place.

You can easily judge it by the time of the comments in the shoutbox. That should make your research a lot easier.

Sorry, if I deflated your idea, but I have only been here since Jan of 2014 and this has slowly become the norm in the past two months since RLC has enforced their decree on what we signed.  It has changed a lot since Nora & Kiko and Lora & Max. and it has changed since before then.  Especially since Alma & Stefan is gone.

The last board we had went into more depth about all the couples.  Now that it's not anymore, you can go to CC to get a piece of what has happened...and the same rule applies to them too.  You're not giving us anything new...when most of us are trying to adjust to these new times.

RLC is making a lot of significant changes and all we can do (as paying members who have not been banned) is adapt.  My hope is that RLC will embrace these changes that they have been responsible for and do something good with it...instead of banning any past paying members.  I would like for RLC to release their ban on past members (because of the new technology) and give them a 2nd chance.  Most of them gave us videos for justifiable reasons based on our investment of RLC...and have been banned because of it.

I believe that we need a board for paying members who will not be bothered by people asking for passwords and that these paying member will be allowed to post pics and videos to a members only board.  This is to the advantage of paying members and RLC.  It's nothing (personally) against people who don't pay...but for any true voyeur, who does pay, it is for RLC's protection and the paying member's benefit.  

I understand if a person doesn't want to pay a membership and indulges on the free cams...I did that too for a while...and it took a lot of work for me to become a member.  Now that I am, I will completely support RLC (even though I still have issues with them).  But, I did sign an agreement with them to not record, copy, or distribute their material (I signed that, but have issues on some details that I will share some content - so if I find it elsewhere, and if another paying member missed it, then I may share it - I think that is fair - because I am not breaking my contract with RLC - if anything, I am helping them keep some members).

So, making a schedule is not important for many of us, because we already know when to be here.

Things are changing, many things are changing and you may have come in the middle of it all.  Expect more changes and more evolution to the site.  This is just the beginning.

If it makes any difference, a paying member wrote to RLC and asked for a new couple and asked that they be English speaking.  RLC wrote back that they are working on it and that we can expect a new couple (possibly an English speaking couple) soon.  I don't know whether or not this is true, but I have faith that there will be another couple.  I expect it in another month or so.  Anyhow, I did the math, and RLC can very well afford it...as they have afforded the new updates and upped their membership for those of us crazy enough to pay more than $30 per month.

RLC watches the boards and they took a technology we used and incorporated it into their site...and they are keeping people from uploading videos...because no one wants to be banned from something they love.

So, after all that talk, it still stands that no schedule is needed for any of the couples.  Members, paying and non-paying know when to come and watch.  For any who do not know...just read my post above.

Hope that helps.

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